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Sonic Mandalas - Canvas Prints

Sonic Mandalas - Canvas Prints




Our Sonic Mandalas collection features bright and vibrant digital Epson inkjet prints on cotton canvas. Measuring 80 x 80 with a frame depth of 4cm, it comes with paper 3D glasses and is stretched and ready to hang. For customized sizes, contact us for more information. Payment is accepted via credit card payment through Stripe or Bank Transfer. Only available for local delivery within Thailand.


About this collection:


Our Sonic Mandalas canvas prints are the perfect way to bring a beautiful and calming energy into any space. Featuring harmonious organic geometric designs created from paintings that have been digitally manipulated into a radially symmetrical pattern, they offer a stunning visual experience that is both meditative and energising. The vibrant blends of warm and cool colours and flowing shapes bring a focused, present alertness to the viewer. Hang one of these prints in your home or office and enjoy its calming vibes.


Beautifully bright digital inkjet prints by Epson on cotton canvas. Comes stretched and ready to hang.


Size: 80 x 80 x 4 cm. It comes with paper 3d glasses.


100 % Cotton Canvas


For customized sizes, feel free to contact us.


Payment: Credit card payment through Stripe or Bank Transfer.


*Only available for local delivery within Thailand. 

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