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Hi, I'm Karma.

I love to create colourful hypnotic images that are visual meditations, both harmonious and contrasting, like the wings of a butterfly.


I am a visual artist, graphic designer and university lecturer. My nationality is Thai, ethnicity is Indian and birthplace is Singapore. I learned Art Direction & Copywriting at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and traditional Printmaking at Tagore’s Kala Bhavan Institute of Fine Arts in India. Currently, I am completing my Master degree in Fine Arts (Design Arts) at Silpakorn University in Thailand. I have hard skills across a variety of disciplines in art & design - from analog to digital mediums. Beginning my career as a graphic designer, I later transitioned into contemporary art to discover and develop my own visual language. My work is often described as abstract-surrealist, psychedelic, spiritual and explosively feminine. I’ve had over 40 Art exhibitions as well as participated in numerous art residencies around the world, which led to commercial collaborations with brands like Vodafone, Freitag, & New Balance. After 8 years of pursuing my art full-time successfully, my career in education began by invitation to lecture at local universities. I now find myself learning and conveying knowledge that I’ve gained through experimentation with my students, whilst continuing my art practice and commissioned work. I’m currently pretty excited about NFTs and the Metaverse.

What I can do for you
  • Art Direction 

  • Learning experience design.

  • Lectures and course creation for digital design and art related topics.

  • Brand Collaborations.

  • Murals Painting and Environmental Graphics for Interiors.

  • Graphic Design: Visual Identity / logo, Style Guides, Social media marketing, Packaging, Publication & Book, Pattern Design for Fabrics & Digital, Cover Art, Poster, Brochure, Menu, Presentation Design, etc

  • Original Canvas Paintings and Custom Art Commissions.

  • Canvas Prints & Framed Prints in bulk for hotels & large scale interior projects.

  • Installation design for events.

  • Live painting for events.

  • Art Licensing.

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